Monday, June 6, 2011

Can I change the photo on my driver's license?

I didn't know, but they use your permit picture for your license too. I look TERRIBLE in mine. And it was taken almost a year ago. So it looks NOTHING like me. How do I change it when I go to take my license test on Tuesday? I know you have to pay. But how much? And do you just ask them or what?

I live in California.Can I change the photo on my driver's license?
Every time you renew your license they should take a new photo. You should get a new photo when you get your license this time. But I suppose states are different on this. In Illinois you get a new photo taken every time. If your license breaks or cannot be read, you can get a new one for like $5 also, even if it is not time for a new one.Can I change the photo on my driver's license?
I would look on DMV and see if what fee you have to pay. Worst case, wait a week or so, then say you misplaced it and pay for a new one so you can have a new picture.

Depends on your wallet. Try to figure out on the DMV site and if possible, make an appt for around the same time as your test, approximately whenever it is over.

Edit: Not sure current CA laws. Prior could renew and did not change photo but that was four years ago. Personal experience.

If the site is too confusing then ask Tues and do my worst case suggestion.

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